Michael C. DeSchalit -
Nothing is better than Clean Comedy & Magic

Friday, August 4th, 7:30PM at Falcon Auditorium

Doors open at 6:30PM

Michael C DeSchalit
Michael C. Deschallit

Michael C Deschalit is an Award Winning Comedy Magician who has performed for over 20 years. His Comedy Magic Show is packed with illusions, audience participation and side splitting humor guaranteed to make you and your guests laugh all night long. Mike is a Multi-Award Winning Magician who has performed all around the globe, from Tucson to Tokyo. He holds all three distinguished awards of Close-Up, Parlor and Stage Magician of the Year. He is a member of The Society of American Magicians, The International Brotherhood of Magicians and The Academy of Magical Arts. Michael provides the magical entertainment to amaze your friends and family. This is one that the kids will love because it is so visual.


Michael's shows have just the right mix of magic and comedy to keep his audiences amazed and laughing all at the same time. His “tricks” are very visual and include effects like making a bowling ball appear from a blank drawing pad, and watching as Michael becomes a “rap singer” and raps a funny rap song live, all while doing an entertaining card trick that will keep you guessing until the very end. The show culminates with Michael escaping from a regulation straight jacket, in plain view, right before your very eyes, in plain view, so you can see every step of the escape. One thing is for certain... even though he will escape from the torturous device, the audience won't be able to escape from the hilarious comedy in this show!!!



How did he do that??? I don't know. And you won't either if you fail to miss this show!!