Comedy, Magic & Variety: 
Elias Caress amazes with awe and laughter

Friday, February 9, 7:30PM at
Coyote Trail Elementary School

Doors open at 6:30PM

Elias Caress
Elias Caress

Elias Caress


Elias Caress is truly the hilarious showman. Don't miss this entertaining show!

Award Winning Magician and Variety Entertainer is sure to please our audience.

Winner of magician awards and competitions, Elias has an excellent stage show that everyone will love! Amazing magic, thrilling stunts, hilarious jokes, and a lot of hilarious jokes, and a lot of audience participation. Sophisticated enough for the discerning spectator yet fun enough for younger audiences!

What will he do for our clean comedy lovers? Who knows? We don't. Every show is different depending on his mood and that of the audience:

He might...
Contact juggle
Spin a lasso
Spin a Gun
Juggle knives and torches
Perform expert bullwhip tricks
Eat fire
Breath fire
Crack a fire whip
Fire real pistols/ trick shooting
Show mysterious illusions and tricks
Read someone's mind
Perform an extreme stunt, such as
Walking barefoot in broken glass
Laying on a bed of nails
Human blockhead stunt (hammering nails up the nose)
And of course, throw a lot of comedy into the show!

It isn't very often that the entire show is left to one individual. We trust Elias will entertain you with an amazing time of fun and laughter. Bring your friends and family.


Elias Caress