MaranaLaughs 2nd Anniversary Celebration:

Dueling Pianos Comedy Show

Friday, June 2nd, 7:30PM at Falcon Auditorium

Doors open at 6:30PM

Dueling Pianos Comedy Show

Scott Dunlap & His Amazing Pianos

A dueling pianos show consists of two pianos and two musicians who sing and play songs directly from the guests request forms that are provided and distributed just prior to the show.

It's an all-request, clap-a-long, sing-a-long, dance-a-long, audience-interactive dueling pianos show perfect for MaranaLaughs 2nd Anniversary. This unique style of comedy, country, and rock 'n roll leaves audiences laughing, singing and cheering for more!

This show isn't just a couple pianos playing songs…it's request-driven mega-interaction! More than just dueling pianos and singalong…it's audience interaction on STEROIDS. This show is performed by audience interactive experts whose career focus is audience involvement and entertainment for everybody filled with clean comedy and laughter.

What makes Dueling Pianos Show unique is they only play our guests request and it's not a planned canned show - So no two shows are ever the same. Each is a customized show combining the musical effort of two extremely talented piano performers and singers, presenting an amazing quality of entertainment.

These talented musicians perform regularly throughout the country. The Dueling Pianos Show is like having a live band, DJ, and comedians all in one! The novelty of this show evolves around high-energy audience interactive, making the audience the stars of the show, so no two shows are ever the same. The audience makes the request, decides what is played, what they don't play, and sometimes what they stop playing. That is all part of the fun.

Here's an example of a dueling piano show that isn't at a bar: